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That was real sweet and lewd. Glad to purchase!

Another wonderful comic!!! Werewolves are one of my fav monsters and these two together are just wonderful.

As always, your style is very unique and the lines and colors are always so interesting to look at. I always love the hair and faces you draw, as well as the hands.

I really enjoyed the texture of the comic and I feel like this horny fun came out at just the right time for Halloween! ^u^9 Thanks a ton for sharing, can't wait to see what the next one is!

Hi! Always look forward to your comics and just wanted to let you know the link to preview is weirdly not working. When I copy and paste the url, it works, but for some reason it's hyperlinked as a different url.

Just something I thought you should be aware of!

Oh man, thank you for letting me know! It should be fixed now, I think.

Yep! Seems all fixed to me! Gonna buy this comic and check it out once I'm done inking my own dang comic! >:D

Oh, good luck! Inking is the most exhausting part ToT (and thank you haha)