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27 page comic by Cavitees! (+18)

"If I can't find a date... I'll make my own!"

The hour grows late as Nadine waits for her shift to end and her date to call- but she's left high and dry when her latest hookup cancels on her. With nothing to keep her company but beakers and books, she takes matters into her own hands and creates a date herself. Will her night end in blissful romance, or sticky regret? 



Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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what a sad looking comments section! what i will say for certain is that this is some choice-ass lewdography and definitely worth the price if you're into what its putting on the table!

totally not just saying that because an increase in this kind of lewdness on itch means more $$$ for me, nope

in all honestly this is excellently drawn smut and very high quality, heck you could frame the stuff in this on a wall and it would look good